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How to Make Moving Closer to Aging Loved Ones Easier

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If you must relocate to live closer to an aging parent or grandparent, there are a number of factors to consider before making the move. Aside from offering a more local presence, you’ll want to go over your loved one’s current living options, especially if their present home isn’t suitable for aging in place. 

When Is It Time to Move Closer?

Your aging loved one may seem to be just fine living alone, until you notice some changes in their physical or mental status. Perhaps they’ve lost interest in their usual hobbies, are experiencing mood swings, or having more health issues that require extra care. If they’ve recently become more accident prone, it’s important to monitor them and their home for tripping hazards and other unsafe circumstances. When you move closer, you can help with household maintenance, shopping, and other tasks your loved one is having difficulty handling. 

Even if a senior lives in an assisted living community or a nursing home, it’s helpful to have family living nearby to monitor their care and visit in person to provide moral support and a loving connection.

Purchasing a New Home

Perhaps the plan to move closer to your senior loved one involves purchasing a new home that’s either located nearby or large enough to house both your elderly relative and your family. When making such a move, selling your existing home and searching for a new one can be easier with the help of knowledgeable real estate professionals. 

A mortgage lender can advise you on how much house you can afford based on your debt-to-income ratio. You can calculate this figure by adding up your current monthly debt payments, then dividing that number by your gross monthly income. The ratio lets you and your lender understand how much you can realistically put toward mortgage payments each month.

If you need assistance with the legal aspects of closing on your new home, trust the expertise of Quality Title Group to guide you through the closing process and make sure that all the legal necessities are met.

Making the Move as Easy as Possible

Moving can be stressful, regardless of the reason for the relocation. Here are some tips for making the moving process less of an ordeal, giving you more time and energy to focus on supporting your senior loved one.

  • Hire qualified moving professionals. You’ll want to contract with professionals who are experienced and qualified in moving larger pieces of furniture, such as heavy sofas, wall units, dressers, and other items you want handled with care.
    Check out local movers in your area first. Local moving companies are knowledgeable about the neighborhoods and homes nearby, and it’s easier for you to connect with them.
  • Get a moving quote. Before you meet in person with a mover, get a quote over the phone. Discuss your needs in detail to get a more accurate price before having someone come over.
  • Evaluate moving companies. Be sure to read online reviews of any moving professionals you’re considering hiring.
  • Seek out any special deals. If you have concerns about the cost, do a little research beyond reviews to see if any local movers are offering any current deals or credits. 

Moving closer to your senior parent or other relative is a big decision, but you can make the process easier by getting help selling and/or buying a home, learning how much home you can afford, and researching local moving companies to find one that meets your needs.

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